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Evidence Based Medicine

This guide is designed to assist health care professionals and students become effective and efficient users of the medical literature.

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Evidence Based Practice Databases

EBM Pyramid

Databases for Finding Pre-Appraised or Summarized Evidence

The process of searching, synthesizing, and evaluating the reports of original research can be daunting and time intensive. There are several databases that offer synthesized and evaluated evidence in the form of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, guidelines, and critically appraised topics. This literature is referred to as the secondary literature.

There are other resources meant specifically to assist the clinician and the student in making decisions at the point-of-care. Often these resources are in the form of handbooks or guides, many of which are now available in mobile-friendly formats.


The links below are provided to subscription databases which are available for UIC affiliated users only.


Links provided below are to freely available databases for all users.

Evidence-Based Medicine Journals

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