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A Guide to the UIC Archives

The University of Illinois at Chicago Archives                    Leveraging our past to inform the future™

Time Periods

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1858-1913 | 1913-1946 | 1946-1965 | 1946-1961 | 1961-1982 | 1965-1982 | 1982-present

  • 1858-1913: Preexisting Health Colleges
    Independent schools began instruction in various health fields, one before the U of I, as Illinois Industrial University (IIU), was founded in 1867.
  • 1913-1946: Health Colleges become part of the U of I
    By 1913, all three schools acquired by the U of I to become the Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry.
  • 1946-1965: Chicago Undergraduate Division (CUD)
    The University of Illinois operated a two-to-three-year branch campus at Navy Pier dedicated to preparing students for their last two years of college.
  • 1946-1961: Chicago Professional Colleges (CPC)
    With the opening of the CUD, the Chicago health colleges became CPC.
  • 1961-1982: University of Illinois at the Medical Center (UIMC)
    Prior to 1982, what is now the “west side” of campus was a separate campus from Chicago Circle.
    • UIMC had its own Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Senate.
  • 1965-1982: University of Illinois at Chicago Circle (UICC)
    In 1965, the Chicago Undergraduate Division became the four-year, degree-granting campus located at Harrison and Halsted Streets, now the "east side" of campus.
    • UICC had its own Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Senate
  • 1982-present: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
    In 1982, UIMC and UICC merged to form UIC.
    • Most central administration records and records from the east side of campus are kept in 3-330 Richard J. Daley LIbrary.
    • Records from health-related colleges and the UI Hospital are kept on the west side of campus in 320 Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago.