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Arts & Humanities
by Jane Darcovich - Last Updated Aug 23, 2014
A guide to electronic, print and image resources available for research in architecture
Art and Art History
by Jane Darcovich - Last Updated Aug 23, 2014
A guide to electronic and print text resources, and image and visual media resources for research in Art and Art History
by Jane Darcovich - Last Updated Aug 8, 2014
A guide to finding, organizing, and presenting images using the growing ARTstor digital image database of 1.8 million images.
Chicago Metro History Fair 2009-2010
by Peggy Glowacki, Scott Pitol - Last Updated Oct 11, 2013
This research guide provides a collection of primary sources at UIC that students may use for history fair projects. This year's theme is "Innovation in History." Click a tab below to see collections related to that topic.
Citation and Style Guide Help
by Mireille Djenno, Jamie Dwyer, Rebecca Raszewski - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
Help for APA, MLA, AMA, ICMJE, and Chicago styles
by Jane Darcovich - Last Updated Aug 8, 2014
A guide to doing research in design using resources available to students, staff, and faculty at UIC.
Digital Images and Resources
by Tracy Seneca - Last Updated May 3, 2013
A guide to digital collections (predominantly images) owned by UIC Library.
E-books 101
by Lesley Brown, Thomas Mantzakides, Michael Ng, Rebecca Raszewski - Last Updated Aug 28, 2014
Comparison of UIC E-book platforms for how much one can print, download, and view on a mobile device
ENG 161: Academic Writing (Luft)
by Mireille Djenno - Last Updated Mar 7, 2014
Foreign Languages
by Mireille Djenno - Last Updated Dec 3, 2013
Graphic Novels
by Alyne Connie - Last Updated May 7, 2014
by Steve Wiberley - Last Updated Aug 24, 2014
Resources for history of the world.
History of Hull-House Settlement House
by Peggy Glowacki - Last Updated Feb 23, 2010
This guide provides a sample of resources for researching the history of Chicago's Hull-House Settlement House, its co-founders Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, and their innovative staff.
History of UIC
by Kevin O'Brien, Scott Pitol - Last Updated Feb 26, 2014
A guide to doing general research on the history of the University of Illinois at Chicago and its predecessors, the Chicago Undergraduate Division at Navy Pier and the University of Illinois at the Medical Center.
International Studies
by Mireille Djenno - Last Updated Mar 5, 2013
Resources for finding information related to International Studies.
Jewish Studies
by Anne Armstrong - Last Updated Mar 22, 2010
by John Cullars, Marcia Dellenbach - Last Updated Aug 15, 2013
by Marcia Dellenbach - Last Updated May 22, 2014
Databases and other resources for literature, book reviews, linguistics.
Media, Film, Television Studies
by John Cullars - Last Updated Aug 5, 2013
A guide to film, television, media and cultural studies resources.
Model World Conference on Women's and Girls Rights
by Kate Flynn, Annie Pho - Last Updated Nov 27, 2013
Research guide for South Shore College International Prep School Campus Day at UIC.
Music Resources
by Mireille Djenno - Last Updated May 28, 2014
A guide to academic music literature: the history, research, criticism and analysis of music as an object of study, performance and teaching. In addition this will help you find scores, recordings and streaming music and video resources.
by Anne Armstrong - Last Updated Aug 14, 2013
Guide to finding electronic, print and microfilm newspapers at UIC and beyond.
by Jane Darcovich, Annie Pho - Last Updated Aug 8, 2014
A guide to research for photography, and resources for digital imaging.
Religious Studies
by Glenda Insua - Last Updated Oct 17, 2013

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