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UIC Library Faculty Profile: Lisa Zhao, Clinical Associate Professor, Database Management Librarian, Assistant Catalog Librarian: Home

This site shows Lisa's work, research interest and services.

Professional Duties

I am a professional cataloger working in the Resource, Acquisition and Management (RAM) Departmen of the UIC Daley Library. I catalog items that either do not have a record or have a very preliminary record in the WorldCat and bring it into the UIC library database. I create/enhance the record in order to provide easier access for library users to find the item they need.

I am also in charge of the Database Maintenance Unit in the RAM Dept. This Unit receives and fixes all kinds of questions/problems regarding the content correctness of the library database. This Unit is to make the library database cleaner for users to search and find the tiem they need. The work of this Unit include but not limit to: withdrawals, locations changes, replacements/reinstatements, adding extra copies/locations, correcting incorrect call numbers, bingdings, bound-withs, shelf-prep, authority control, and etc.


Research Interests & Publications

My research interest is mainly in two directions: 1) catalogers’ professional development and improvement of cataloging services; 2) areas of United States librarianship that are of interest to Chinese librarians. Here I only list publications after 2006 below.


Zhao, Lisa: Organizational Action Increases the Visibility of Chinese American Librarians, Chinese Librarianship: An International Electronic Journal, no.34, 2012,


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                     Zhao, Lisa: Protection of Library Users’ Privacy—An Analysis of US States’ Laws on the Issue (in English), Feature article in Chinese Librarianship, 2008: Dec.: No.26 (


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                     Zhao, Lisa: Developing in Practicing Laws: Americans with Disabilities Act in Libraries  (in Chinese). 2006 Library Society of China Annual Conference Proceedings, pp. 125-136. This article also is made key extract and published on Library Development, 2006:5, pp.  19-21.


                     Zhao, Lisa: How Will Google Print Library Project Affect the Use of Books? Journal of Library & Information Science (JLIS), April, 2006.


                     Zhao, Lisa: How Librarians Used Online Resources—An analysis of citations in CCQ. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v.42:no.1, 2006: pp.117-131.



Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Catalog Librarian, Database Maintenance Librarian

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